'So Versailles’
(soh vurs-eye), adjective

1. elaborate or ornate, often excessively: “Her Versace top was So Versailles”
2. opulent to the extent of being showy: “That night was So Versailles – bottles everywhere.”


So Versailles Lashes are luxurious, handmade, mink lashes, which are also 100% cruelty-free.

So Versailles Lashes are for the sassy babes, for the high fashion babes, for the babes who want people to double-take when they walk in the room.

Mink lashes give a more natural effect and are super light on the eye lid - they're sexier, more luxurious than their synthetic counterparts and can be worn up to 25 times. The So Versailles Lashes box is magnetic to keep your lashes safe inside to be re-used.


Haute Lashes for High Fashion Babes. #SoVersaillesLashes 
Be So Versailles.