What's the difference between mink lashes and synthetic lashes?
Mink lashes use mink fur which gives a much more natural effect than its synthetic counterparts. They're also a lot lighter on your eyelids and super easy to shape to your eye when you've glued them on. Because they're a natural hair as well they're much easier to curl than synthetic lashes and they hold a curl better.
Are So Versailles Lashes cruelty-free?
Yes! All So Versailles Lashes are 100% cruelty free. The mink is collected by gently brushing live mink, without harming them. This gentle procedure ensures that no minks are harmed during the entire harvesting process, while preserving the quality of the harvested fur.
Are mink lashes hygienic?
For sure! All So Versailles Lashes are sterilised during the manufacture process.
How many times can you wear mink lashes?
If you look after your So Versailles Lashes, they can last up to 25 wears.
Can you apply mascara to So Versailles Lashes?
We would recommend that you don't apply mascara to So Versailles Lashes so as not to damage the quality of the lashes and keep them sassy and as beautiful as the day they arrived in the mail. You can however apply mascara to your natural lashes if need be, before applying your So Versailles Lashes. Plus you shouldn't need mascara anyway, So Versailles Lashes are beautiful by themselves.
How do I care for my So Versailles Lashes? 
  1. Make sure to store your So Versailles Lashes in their homes (the box they came in). The box was made to be long-lasting and a nice luxurious home for your lashes so they don't get squashed or mis-shapen. 
  2. Make sure to remove the dried glue from the lash band each time you wear your So Versailles Lashes so that the lashes can sit snug on your eyelid every time you wear them. 
  3. This should go without saying but please don't sleep in your lashes because some of you babes have crazy sleeping positions and your So Versailles Lashes could end up mis-shapen. 
  4. This should also go without saying but please don't swim in your So Versailles Lashes, they like the dry life.



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